Bench Back Help Locators

Help Locators are proven life savers. Made from polyethylene v-carved sign panels, they can be retrofitted into your existing benches using our router template kit.


We can also custom design benches with Help Locators to fit your specific needs and project!


We can help you get your Help Locator program started with proven experience with local and state authorities.

Trail Marker Help Locators

Trail Markers can also display your Help Locators. We have many different sizes and colors to compliment your program.

Trail Glo - Trail Marker Help Locators

Help Locators can also glow in the dark with our new TrailGLO - a reliable, glow in the dark material for safety/egress signage that your life may depend on! We can make these in any shape to fit your individual needs. TrailGLO has an unlimited service life so it will light up your trails for years without maintenance.


  • core colors available in red, blue & black **CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
  • vinyl lettering, screen printing, paint fill or engraving available to create the verbiage or symbols you are looking for
  • glows for hours after the light source is removed
  • interior and exterior usage